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BEREG Group of Companies

BEREG Group of Companies supplies steam-raising and associated equipment, Russian both with foreign-made, from the year 2002 and holds one of the leading position in this field on the Russian market.

Our product line consists of the following groups of items:

  • Steam Producers (Steam Generators): electric, industrial with the capacity from 4 up to 1500 Kg/h;
  • Steam Producers (Steam Boilers): portable, operated on diesel fuel, with the capacity from 100 up to 350 Kg/h;
  • Steam Producers (Steam Boilers): stable, operated on gas, fuel oil or diesel fuel, with the capacity from 100 up to 4000 Kg/h;
  • Steam Producers (Steam Boilers): stable, operated on solid fuel (pellets, wood fuel, coal, wood using industry run-offs);
  • Steam Producers (Steam Generators): household of various capacity for use in baths and saunas;
  • Associated equipment: Steam Hoses (Steam Lances), Steam Pistols, water clearance and conditioning equipment and other

Apart from the mentioned items which are the main part of our product line, to satisfy the needs of our customers and partners we are pleased to offer the industrial line of pumping equipment and motor pomps.

Our specialists.

Why our specialists are one of the best in the field?
All our specialists have higher technical education in the field coupled with great professional experience. Above that, they value their professional reputation and offer customers the equipment that meets all the highest requirements!

For vendors.

By the moment, our Company is intending to expand the product line both in steam producing line and other producing, transporting, steam clearance, water conditioning and other equipment.
Apart from that, we are interested in expanding of pumping equipment product line designed to pumping both pure and polluted water, along with the equipment for pumping of viscous fluid (for nutritive and chemical industries).

We are delighted to offer you the following in return:

  • Certain steps in your equipment’s promotion on the Russian market
  • Exact fulfillment of financial obligations and partner agreements
  • Professional performance, high level of work ethic, our staff accountability

For customers.

Why do we consider cooperation with our Company to be efficient, convenient and profitable?

Our specialists shall take a close look at your particular technical process, your steam boil or generator functionality and application mode, shall recommend you the best solution for the problem of technical process and steam consumption equipment steam supply!
Our specialists familiar with all range of similar equipment in various price segments. As they have no interest in particular brand promotion, they shall recommend you the best solution that would meet all your requirements in the most efficient way. 
Moreover, our specialists, bearing on their experience and knowledge, shall consider all unexpectable or small details, such as:

  • Steam producing facilities availability.
  • Assumed functioning conditions of Steam boil or generator, such as cycling, seasonality, temperature conditions and others.
  • Other related technological circumstances.
  • Type, class or brand of the other equipment available.
  • Fuel types and energy availability for your production facilities.
  • Your staff qualification.
  • Possibilities of you production facilities promotion and expanding.
  • Current and planned financial potentiality of your Company!

Kindest Regards,
Executive Director BEREG Group of Companies
Yuriy S. Kulakov